Distributing Python Modules (Legacy version)


Greg Ward, Anthony Baxter



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Dystrybucja modułów Pythona

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Ten dokument jest przechowywany wyłącznie do czasu, gdy dokumentacja setuptools pod adresem https://setuptools.readthedocs.io/en/latest/setuptools.html niezależnie obejmie wszystkie istotne informacje, które są tutaj zawarte.


This guide only covers the basic tools for building and distributing extensions that are provided as part of this version of Python. Third party tools offer easier to use and more secure alternatives. Refer to the quick recommendations section in the Python Packaging User Guide for more information.

This document describes the Python Distribution Utilities („Distutils”) from the module developer’s point of view, describing the underlying capabilities that setuptools builds on to allow Python developers to make Python modules and extensions readily available to a wider audience.