PyHash API

See also the PyTypeObject.tp_hash member.

type Py_hash_t

Hash value type: signed integer.

버전 3.2에 추가.

type Py_uhash_t

Hash value type: unsigned integer.

버전 3.2에 추가.

type PyHash_FuncDef

Hash function definition used by PyHash_GetFuncDef().

const char *name

Hash function name (UTF-8 encoded string).

const int hash_bits

Internal size of the hash value in bits.

const int seed_bits

Size of seed input in bits.

버전 3.4에 추가.

PyHash_FuncDef *PyHash_GetFuncDef(void)

Get the hash function definition.

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PEP 456 “Secure and interchangeable hash algorithm”.

버전 3.4에 추가.