PyHash API

See also the PyTypeObject.tp_hash member and Calculo del hash de tipos numéricos.

type Py_hash_t

Hash value type: signed integer.

Added in version 3.2.

type Py_uhash_t

Hash value type: unsigned integer.

Added in version 3.2.


The Mersenne prime P = 2**n -1, used for numeric hash scheme.

Added in version 3.13.


The exponent n of P in PyHASH_MODULUS.

Added in version 3.13.


Prime multiplier used in string and various other hashes.

Added in version 3.13.


The hash value returned for a positive infinity.

Added in version 3.13.


The multiplier used for the imaginary part of a complex number.

Added in version 3.13.

type PyHash_FuncDef

Hash function definition used by PyHash_GetFuncDef().

const char *name

Hash function name (UTF-8 encoded string).

const int hash_bits

Internal size of the hash value in bits.

const int seed_bits

Size of seed input in bits.

Added in version 3.4.

PyHash_FuncDef *PyHash_GetFuncDef(void)

Get the hash function definition.

Ver también

PEP 456 «Secure and interchangeable hash algorithm».

Added in version 3.4.

Py_hash_t Py_HashPointer(const void *ptr)

Hash a pointer value: process the pointer value as an integer (cast it to uintptr_t internally). The pointer is not dereferenced.

The function cannot fail: it cannot return -1.

Added in version 3.13.

Py_hash_t PyObject_GenericHash(PyObject *obj)

Generic hashing function that is meant to be put into a type object’s tp_hash slot. Its result only depends on the object’s identity.

Detalles de implementación de CPython: In CPython, it is equivalent to Py_HashPointer().

Added in version 3.13.