32.13. pickletools — pickle 开发者工具集

2.3 新版功能.

源代码: Lib/pickletools.py

This module contains various constants relating to the intimate details of the pickle module, some lengthy comments about the implementation, and a few useful functions for analyzing pickled data. The contents of this module are useful for Python core developers who are working on the pickle and cPickle implementations; ordinary users of the pickle module probably won’t find the pickletools module relevant.

pickletools.dis(pickle, out=None, memo=None, indentlevel=4)

Outputs a symbolic disassembly of the pickle to the file-like object out, defaulting to sys.stdout. pickle can be a string or a file-like object. memo can be a Python dictionary that will be used as the pickle’s memo; it can be used to perform disassemblies across multiple pickles created by the same pickler. Successive levels, indicated by MARK opcodes in the stream, are indented by indentlevel spaces.


提供包含 pickle 中所有操作码的 iterator,返回一个 (opcode, arg, pos) 三元组的序列。 opcodeOpcodeInfo 类的一个实例;arg 是 Python 对象形式的 opcode 参数的已解码值;pos 是 opcode 所在的位置。 pickle 可以是一个字符串或一个文件类对象。


在消除未使用的 PUT 操作码之后返回一个新的等效 pickle 字符串。 优化后的 pickle 将更为简短,耗费更为的传输时间,要求更少的存储空间并能更高效地解封。

2.6 新版功能.