-- Abstract base classes for resources

Source code: Lib/importlib/resources/

Nouveau dans la version 3.11.


Superseded by TraversableResources

An abstract base class to provide the ability to read resources.

From the perspective of this ABC, a resource is a binary artifact that is shipped within a package. Typically this is something like a data file that lives next to the file of the package. The purpose of this class is to help abstract out the accessing of such data files so that it does not matter if the package and its data file(s) are stored in a e.g. zip file versus on the file system.

For any of methods of this class, a resource argument is expected to be a path-like object which represents conceptually just a file name. This means that no subdirectory paths should be included in the resource argument. This is because the location of the package the reader is for, acts as the "directory". Hence the metaphor for directories and file names is packages and resources, respectively. This is also why instances of this class are expected to directly correlate to a specific package (instead of potentially representing multiple packages or a module).

Loaders that wish to support resource reading are expected to provide a method called get_resource_reader(fullname) which returns an object implementing this ABC's interface. If the module specified by fullname is not a package, this method should return None. An object compatible with this ABC should only be returned when the specified module is a package.

Nouveau dans la version 3.7.

abstractmethod open_resource(resource)

Returns an opened, file-like object for binary reading of the resource.

Si la ressource ne peut pas être trouvée, FileNotFoundError est levée.

abstractmethod resource_path(resource)

Renvoie le chemin de resource dans le système de fichiers.

If the resource does not concretely exist on the file system, raise FileNotFoundError.

abstractmethod is_resource(name)

Returns True if the named name is considered a resource. FileNotFoundError is raised if name does not exist.

abstractmethod contents()

Returns an iterable of strings over the contents of the package. Do note that it is not required that all names returned by the iterator be actual resources, e.g. it is acceptable to return names for which is_resource() would be false.

Allowing non-resource names to be returned is to allow for situations where how a package and its resources are stored are known a priori and the non-resource names would be useful. For instance, returning subdirectory names is allowed so that when it is known that the package and resources are stored on the file system then those subdirectory names can be used directly.

The abstract method returns an iterable of no items.


An object with a subset of pathlib.Path methods suitable for traversing directories and opening files.

For a representation of the object on the file-system, use importlib.resources.as_file().

Nouveau dans la version 3.9.


Abstract. The base name of this object without any parent references.

abstractmethod iterdir()

Yield Traversable objects in self.

abstractmethod is_dir()

Return True if self is a directory.

abstractmethod is_file()

Return True if self is a file.

abstractmethod joinpath(child)

Return Traversable child in self.

abstractmethod __truediv__(child)

Return Traversable child in self.

abstractmethod open(mode='r', *args, **kwargs)

mode may be 'r' or 'rb' to open as text or binary. Return a handle suitable for reading (same as

When opening as text, accepts encoding parameters such as those accepted by io.TextIOWrapper.


Read contents of self as bytes.


Read contents of self as text.


An abstract base class for resource readers capable of serving the importlib.resources.files() interface. Subclasses ResourceReader and provides concrete implementations of the ResourceReader's abstract methods. Therefore, any loader supplying TraversableResources also supplies ResourceReader.

Loaders that wish to support resource reading are expected to implement this interface.

Nouveau dans la version 3.9.

abstractmethod files()

Returns a object for the loaded package.