41. Modules non Documentés

Voici un rapide survol des modules actuellement non documentés, mais qui devraient l’être. N’hésitez pas à contribuer à leur documentation ! (En anglais, par mail, à docs@python.org.)

L’idée de lister les modules à documenter vient d’un message de Fredrik Lundh. Depuis, le contenu de ce chapitre à pu être mis à jour.

41.1. Miscellaneous useful utilities

Some of these are very old and/or not very robust; marked with « hmm. »


— Import hook support (for rexec; may become obsolete). Removed in Python 3.x.

41.2. Modules spécifiques à une plateforme

Ces modules sont utilisés pour implémenter le module os.path, et n’ont pas plus de documentation. Le besoin de les documenter ne se fait pas réellement sentir.


— Implementation of os.path on Win32, Win64, WinCE, and OS/2 platforms.


— Implementation du module os.path pour les systèmes POSIX.


— Backwards compatibility module for systems which still use the Berkeley DB 1.85 module. It is normally only available on certain BSD Unix-based systems. It should never be used directly.

41.3. Multimedia


— Platform-independent API for playing audio data. Removed in Python 3.x.


— Play audio data on the Linux audio device. Replaced in Python 2.3 by the ossaudiodev module. Removed in Python 3.x.


— Interpret Sun audio headers (may become obsolete or a tool/demo). Removed in Python 3.x.


— Convert « arbitrary » sound files to AIFF files; should probably become a tool or demo. Requires the external program sox. Removed in Python 3.x.

41.4. Undocumented Mac OS modules

41.4.1. applesingle — AppleSingle decoder

Obsolète depuis la version 2.6.

41.4.2. buildtools — Helper module for BuildApplet and Friends

Obsolète depuis la version 2.4.

41.4.3. cfmfile — Code Fragment Resource module

cfmfile is a module that understands Code Fragments and the accompanying « cfrg » resources. It can parse them and merge them, and is used by BuildApplication to combine all plugin modules to a single executable.

Obsolète depuis la version 2.4.

41.4.4. icopen — Internet Config replacement for open()

Importing icopen will replace the built-in open() with a version that uses Internet Config to set file type and creator for new files.

Obsolète depuis la version 2.6.

41.4.5. macerrors — Mac OS Errors

macerrors contains constant definitions for many Mac OS error codes.

Obsolète depuis la version 2.6.

41.4.6. macresource — Locate script resources

macresource helps scripts finding their resources, such as dialogs and menus, without requiring special case code for when the script is run under MacPython, as a MacPython applet or under OSX Python.

Obsolète depuis la version 2.6.

41.4.7. Nav — NavServices calls

A low-level interface to Navigation Services.

Obsolète depuis la version 2.6.

41.4.8. PixMapWrapper — Wrapper for PixMap objects

PixMapWrapper wraps a PixMap object with a Python object that allows access to the fields by name. It also has methods to convert to and from PIL images.

Obsolète depuis la version 2.6.

41.4.9. videoreader — Read QuickTime movies

videoreader reads and decodes QuickTime movies and passes a stream of images to your program. It also provides some support for audio tracks.

Obsolète depuis la version 2.6.

41.4.10. W — Widgets built on FrameWork

The W widgets are used extensively in the IDE.

Obsolète depuis la version 2.6.

41.5. Obsolete

These modules are not normally available for import; additional work must be done to make them available.

These extension modules written in C are not built by default. Under Unix, these must be enabled by uncommenting the appropriate lines in Modules/Setup in the build tree and either rebuilding Python if the modules are statically linked, or building and installing the shared object if using dynamically-loaded extensions.


— Measure time intervals to high resolution (use time.clock() instead). Removed in Python 3.x.

41.6. SGI-specific Extension modules

The following are SGI specific, and may be out of touch with the current version of reality.


— Interface to the SGI compression library.


— Interface to the « simple video » board on SGI Indigo (obsolete hardware). Removed in Python 3.x.