tkinter.messagebox — Tkinter message prompts

Source code: Lib/tkinter/

The tkinter.messagebox module provides a template base class as well as a variety of convenience methods for commonly used configurations. The message boxes are modal and will return a subset of (True, False, OK, None, Yes, No) based on the user’s selection. Common message box styles and layouts include but are not limited to:

class tkinter.messagebox.Message(master=None, **options)

Create a default information message box.

Information message box

tkinter.messagebox.showinfo(title=None, message=None, **options)

Warning message boxes

tkinter.messagebox.showwarning(title=None, message=None, **options)
tkinter.messagebox.showerror(title=None, message=None, **options)

Question message boxes

tkinter.messagebox.askquestion(title=None, message=None, **options)
tkinter.messagebox.askokcancel(title=None, message=None, **options)
tkinter.messagebox.askretrycancel(title=None, message=None, **options)
tkinter.messagebox.askyesno(title=None, message=None, **options)
tkinter.messagebox.askyesnocancel(title=None, message=None, **options)