This document is for an old version of Python that is no longer supported. You should upgrade, and read the Python documentation for the current stable release.

Generator Objects

Generator objects are what Python uses to implement generator iterators. They are normally created by iterating over a function that yields values, rather than explicitly calling PyGen_New().


The C structure used for generator objects.

PyTypeObject PyGen_Type

The type object corresponding to generator objects.

int PyGen_Check(ob)

Return true if ob is a generator object; ob must not be NULL.

int PyGen_CheckExact(ob)

Return true if ob‘s type is PyGen_Type is a generator object; ob must not be NULL.

PyObject* PyGen_New(PyFrameObject *frame)
Return value: New reference.

Create and return a new generator object based on the frame object. A reference to frame is stolen by this function. The parameter must not be NULL.

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