This document is for an old version of Python that is no longer supported. You should upgrade, and read the Python documentation for the current stable release.

Descriptor Objects

“Descriptors” are objects that describe some attribute of an object. They are found in the dictionary of type objects.

PyTypeObject PyProperty_Type

The type object for the built-in descriptor types.

PyObject* PyDescr_NewGetSet(PyTypeObject *type, struct PyGetSetDef *getset)
Return value: New reference.
PyObject* PyDescr_NewMember(PyTypeObject *type, struct PyMemberDef *meth)
Return value: New reference.
PyObject* PyDescr_NewMethod(PyTypeObject *type, struct PyMethodDef *meth)
Return value: New reference.
PyObject* PyDescr_NewWrapper(PyTypeObject *type, struct wrapperbase *wrapper, void *wrapped)
Return value: New reference.
PyObject* PyDescr_NewClassMethod(PyTypeObject *type, PyMethodDef *method)
Return value: New reference.
int PyDescr_IsData(PyObject *descr)

Return true if the descriptor objects descr describes a data attribute, or false if it describes a method. descr must be a descriptor object; there is no error checking.

PyObject* PyWrapper_New(PyObject *, PyObject *)
Return value: New reference.

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