20.3. html.entities — Definitions of HTML general entities

Source code: Lib/html/entities.py

This module defines four dictionaries, html5, name2codepoint, codepoint2name, and entitydefs.


A dictionary that maps HTML5 named character references [1] to the equivalent Unicode character(s), e.g. html5['gt;'] == '>'. Note that the trailing semicolon is included in the name (e.g. 'gt;'), however some of the names are accepted by the standard even without the semicolon: in this case the name is present with and without the ';'.

New in version 3.3.


A dictionary mapping XHTML 1.0 entity definitions to their replacement text in ISO Latin-1.


A dictionary that maps HTML entity names to the Unicode codepoints.


A dictionary that maps Unicode codepoints to HTML entity names.


[1]See http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/syntax.html#named-character-references

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