11 PEP 301: Package Index and Metadata for Distutils

Support for the long-requested Python catalog makes its first appearance in 2.3.

The heart of the catalog is the new Distutils register command. Running python setup.py register will collect the metadata describing a package, such as its name, version, maintainer, description, &c., and send it to a central catalog server. The resulting catalog is available from http://www.python.org/pypi.

To make the catalog a bit more useful, a new optional classifiers keyword argument has been added to the Distutils setup() function. A list of Trove-style strings can be supplied to help classify the software.

Here's an example setup.py with classifiers, written to be compatible with older versions of the Distutils:

from distutils import core
kw = {'name': "Quixote",
      'version': "0.5.1",
      'description': "A highly Pythonic Web application framework",
      # ...

if (hasattr(core, 'setup_keywords') and 
    'classifiers' in core.setup_keywords):
    kw['classifiers'] = \
        ['Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content',
         'Environment :: No Input/Output (Daemon)',
         'Intended Audience :: Developers'],


The full list of classifiers can be obtained by running python setup.py register --list-classifiers.

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Written and implemented by Richard Jones.

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